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Ghana and Nigeria: Asylum Seekers 12 Dec 2005

Ghana and Nigeria: Asylum Seekers

Lord Avebury asked Her Majesty's Government:

Further to the debate on the Asylum (Designated States) No. 2 Order on 24 November (Official Report, cols, 1082-12), why statistics on asylum applications from citizens of Ghana and Nigeria were not broken down by gender, as in the 13th Report of the Merits of Statutory Instruments Committee; and whether they

12 Dec 2005 : Column WA141

will provide a breakdown of the grants of asylum and discretionary leave to remain, according to whether these grants were given on application or gained by appeal. [HL2638]

Baroness Scotland of Asthal: The tables below show the asylum application, initial decision and appeal outcome figures broken down by gender, for nationals of Ghana and Nigeria, 2004 and January to September 2005. It is not possible to provide a breakdown of the allowed appeal figures into grants of asylum, humanitarian protection (HP) and discretionary leave (DL), but it is estimated that in 2004 90 per cent of allowed appeals were grants of asylum and the remaining 10 per cent were either grants of HP or DL. Information on asylum applications and initial decisions, by gender, is published in the annual statistical bulletin Asylum Statistics United Kingdom. Copies of these publications and others relating to general immigration to the UK are available from the Library of the House and from the Home Office Research Development and Statistics Directorate website at
Asylum applications 1 received in the United Kingdom, excluding dependants, by sex, nationals of Ghana and Nigeria, 2004-2005 Q1-Q3

Nationality Total applications Male applications Female applications
Ghana 2004 355 265 85
Q1 2005 65 50 15
Q2 2005 65 40 25
Q3 2005 55 40 15

Nigeria 2004 1,090 745 345
Q1 2005 255 175 75
Q2 2005 240 145 100
Q3 2005 245 145 100

1 Provisional figures rounded to nearest 5, with '*' = 1 or 2.

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