Sunday, March 19, 2006

Slight attack of cancer

Chest X-ray on March 10 showed an abnormality at the top of the right lung (the opposite side to a persistent pain), confirmed at an interview with a consultant at King's March 13. She ordered blood tests and a CT-scan, both done March 14, and the consultant telephoned the following day to say she had discussed the tumour with a chest surgeon, with a view to its removal. Lung function tests were done March 17 followed by pre-assessment for CT-assisted biopsy, arranged for 09.00 March 24. Consultant's note reads:

"Looks like R apical lung cancer. No other evidence of spread. Waiting histo".

Median survival for all lung cancer patients is 15 months, 5-year survival 9%. Survival chances inversely related to size of lesion at discovery.

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