Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Update on Eric, 26th April 2006

Eric’s surgeon, Mr M, reports that biopsies of material taken from Eric during his recent operation show that his tumour was a MALToma, which is a low grade B cell lymphoma. It’s unusual to find one in the lung, as in Eric’s case. MALT is short for Mucosa-Associated Lymphatic Tissue. These types of lymphoma are more often found in the gastro-intestinal tract. Mr M says that if you are going to have to have a lymphoma, this is the best one to have. (For further information see
More good news is that there is no sign of the Maltoma having spread to his bone marrow or to his lymph nodes.
His doctors wish to double check that the maltoma has not sited itself anywhere in his gastro-intestinal tract. They will be doing another endoscopy tomorrow, and, at a later date, a colonoscopy. They are still puzzled as to the source of the internal bleed, which caused Eric to lose blood pressure on Saturday.
It is likely that chemotherapy can completely clear this lymphoma. There is also a possibility that chemotherapy will not be needed at all.
All in all, this is good news. Eric is still fairly weak, but walking a little every day and eating as adequately as you can in hospital. We hope to have him home in a few days. Posted by Lindsay. 22.00 hrs

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