Monday, May 29, 2006

Busy day

Phil Krone, our old friend from Chicago, was staying overnight, leaving after breakfast for a one day trip to Limoges and then back to Chicago.

Then Mohammed Tayyib Bah called in for a discussion about development and security in West Africa, on which he has some imaginative ideas.

In the afternoon I lost three games of ping-pong to JW, but yesterday, the first time we had played since before the operation, I won a game.

Finally, a visit from a Bangladesh MP, to discuss the failure of the Bangladesh government to arrest and try the political masterminds behind the terrorist attacks, particularly the grenade throwers who tried to kill the Leader of the Opposition, Sheikh Hasina, at a rally on August 21, 2005. We also covered the forthcoming elections, and the Supreme Court's severe criticism of the electoral roll, which in current parlance is not fit for purpose.

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