Saturday, October 14, 2006

To Cambridge yesterday, to speak to the University Liberal Democrats, with Bob Russell MP for Colchester and Dr David Howarth, MP for Cambridge. We each had quarter of an hour, with half an hour for questions, and after the meeting there was a reception. The atmosphere was upbeat, and its good to see that the Party is doing well at the university. I walked back to the station via streets where boisterous crowds were spilling out of pubs and clubs already at 22.00, and couldn't help reflecting on the Government's supine attitude to the alcohol barons who are making huge profits out of poisoning a whole generation. The drinks 'industry' cynically targets the universities in particular, diverting students from the acquisition of knowledge and the power of reason, and pushing many of them further into debt.

This evening we had dinner with Phil Krone and two ladies from Chicago at Rules. Phil's wife Joan has just been elected as a judge, a well-deserved honour.

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