Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Stop the seven deadly sins in boarding houses

From yesterday's Hansard (Col 185-6)

Lord Mackay of Clashfern (former Lord Chancellor)

I shall take one illustration, that of a person who provides bed and breakfast for people in his house. In that situation, if he receives a same-sex couple in a double room in his house, he is liable to be convinced of the fact that he is allowing a sinful practice of which he disapproves….

Lord Avebury

.. if the hypothetical person who runs a boarding house has such an objection to this particular sin, should they not prohibit all the other seven deadly sins while somebody is in the bedroom of their house?

Lord Mackay of Clashfern

that would perhaps be a counsel of perfection which the noble Lord would like to advise, but it is not part of the regulations.

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