Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sir John Lubbock

This portrait is ref IV/188/4/476 NG from the Eric Smith collection of images lodged by the Clapham Antiquarians Society in Lambeth Archives Minet Library, to whom grateful thanks are given for permission to use this image on this blog. Sir John lived from 1744 to 1818, and was the son of the Rev William Lubbock, my 4G grandfather, whose portrait is on our wall. Sir John had no children, and the baronetcy passed by special dispensation to his nephew the first Sir John William (1773-1840), banker and MP for Leominster

There is no information on the date of the portrait, the date it was photogrphed, where it was at the time, or what happened to it. The Clapham Society do have a collection of 'occasional sheets' with some information about Sir John himself. He lived at Clapham House, which he sold to Henry Thornton in 1792. The name of the house was changed by Thornton, who shared it with William Wilberforce, to Battersea Rise House. There are images of the house in a book to be published imminently by the Clapham Society.

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