Thursday, April 19, 2007

Last 36 hours

Saw my GP yesterday to ask why I hadn’t heard anything following a January MRI scan to see that my chest was still clear after last April’s maltoma removal. No problems, next appointment with haematology clinic May 4. Ditto prostate, appointment with urology clinic to review medication May 31 Ditto Barrett’s oesophagus (you probably don’t want to know, but Google finds plenty of sites), where I am to be reviewed January 2009. Ditto orthopaedic where there is no news of the scan of my left foot. As Michael Winstanley used to say, the human body is only designed to last 40 years, and after that bits wear out.

Then lunch with Pola Uddin to meet the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh, Dr Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury.

Then my topical question on the World Bank managing director and family planning:

Later, interesting meeting of the All-Party Afghanistan Parliamentary Group for a discussion with the Director of Womankind.

This morning, to the Baitul Futuh, the great Ahmadi Mosque in Morden, where there was a reception for Meg Munn MP, the Communities Minister, see picture above. The Minister, who was accompanied by the Muslim Adviser Maqsood Ahmed, said she was impressed by the work of the Ahmadi community.

Also present were Justine Greening, MP for Putney; Siobham McDonaggh, MP for Mitcham & Morden, and Dan Rogerson, MP for Cornwall North.

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