Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Repairs to Silbury Hill start

May 11 was the start of a big project by English Heritage to repair the damage caused to Silbury Hill by various amateurs going back too the Duke of Northumberland in 1776, see The contractors are Skanska, who are restoring the monument to as near to its original Neolithic condition as possible.

And by the way, it was Sir John Lubbock, my grandfather, who coined the terms neolithic and palaeolithic in his Prehistoric Times (see the OED references).

There's a new life Science, Politics and Business in the Work of Sir John Lubbock: A Man of Universal Mind (Science, Technology & Culture, 1700-1945) (Hardcover), by Mark Patton, published by Ashgate. The bad news is its £55, even from Amazon, and I think I'll borrow it from the Library.

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