Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Griset etc

The picture below is one of some 25 by Ernest Griset, executed around 1870 to the specification of my grandfather Sir John Lubbock, maybe to accompany his book Prehistoric Times. This picture was taken to Australia by my sister Olivia, who gave it to her friend Dr Robert Gordon. All the rest are for the time being in the Orpington Museum.

The picture below that is my grandson Alastair,who was staying with us on Saturday evening. He has just graduated at Warwick University and hopes to do an MA there

Now that JW is home for a while, ping-pong has started again. Saturday I won a single game with JW and one with Alastair(all we had time for). Yesterday JW beat me 2-0 and today I beat him 2-0 making the cumulative score 54-53 in my favour.

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