Sunday, June 15, 2008

Last seven days

Last Sunday, to the Globe, for Merry Wives of Windsor, with Mort but alas Sarah was still not feeling well enough to join us. There was aflying apron (I think its called) in front of the stage) and it was difficult to hear the actors on it. But generally to follow a play at the Globe one ought to have the text, and I mean to do that in future.

Monday morning Mort and Sarah left for Washington, and I do hope she survived the journey without too much discomfort. I fielded three out of the four questions:

House of Lords
Deportation: Iran
Sudan: Comprehensive Peace Agreement
EU-Latin America Summit

Then, an informal meeting of the Select Committee on International Organisations, at which there was a discussion on possible subjects for the next session, assuming we are to continue. There is only a fixed number of Select Committees, determined by the availability of human and financial resources, and there are competing subjects, on which th Liaison Committee adjudicates.

Then, a meeting with Salim Malik of theAhmaddiya Muslims, to discuss problems the Community is experiencing in Pakistan and Indonesia. Surprisingly, there is very little mention of the persecution of the Ahmadis in the reports of te Universal Periodic Review of Pakistan at the UN Human Rights Council.

Tuesday, chaired a meeting of the All-Party Gypsies and Travellers Group to hear from former (Conservative) Councillor Richard Bennet to hear about the sterling work ha had been doing with the Local Government Asssociation and individual local authorities to persuade them of the merits of the present arrangements for providing enough sites.

After lunch, fielded Peter Blaker's regular question on Zimbabwe. The Minister, Lord Malloch-Brown, tries hard, but obviously there are limites on what the UK can achieve.

At 17.00, to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Centenary celebration at the QEII conference centre across the road, where I had the honour of being received by the Khalifa, and was invited to speak first at the very well attended public gathering. Then had to leave before the dinner to get back to the House, to speak on the Immigration (Registration Card) Order 2008. I'm not bothering to give Hansard references any more, because in the unlikely event of anyone actually wanting to read what I said, its very easy to find it on the Parliament website.

Wednesday, a meeting of the Parliamentary Human Rights Group officers, and a briefing on Sudan by FCO officials.

Thursday, lunch at the Fishmongers, for those who had been liverymen for more than 50 yers.

Friday, Limndsay returned from North Devon where she was staying with Mel.

Saturday, Lyulph's birthday party.

Today, Prins and Suriya, Lamka and Thomas and their two children to lunch. Verity arrived for a short stay.

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