Thursday, March 12, 2009

Orpington Circle Dinner

The picture is of the guests at the National Liberal Club last night, for the Second annual Dinner of the Orpington Circle, whose raison d'etere is ti support LibDem candidates at by-elections. From left to right, the Rt Hon Charles Kennedy MP, who was the principal speaker; Lord (David) Chidgey, who thanked the hosts on behalf of the guests; the Rev Paul Hunt, Chairman of the Club, me (I proposed the health of 'Liberal, SDP and LibDem by-election candidates, past, present and future'; Baroness (Lindsay) Northover; The Rt Hon Lord (Tom) Mcnally, Leader of the LibvDems in the Lords, and Baroness (Susan) Garden. It was a jolly evening with a lot of old friends, some of them veterans of the 1962 by-election!

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