Friday, October 23, 2009

News about Eric - Lindsay writes

The good news is that the consultant says that the pain which Eric has been experiencing in his chest for the past three weeks is caused by a broken rib. We have no idea how this happened, as we can’t remember Eric falling over. Broken ribs are very painful and take quite a few weeks to heal, but are fortunately not serious.

However the not so good news is that during his visit to King’s College Hospital haematology department this morning, Eric tripped and fell down. In doing so, he broke the top of the femur of his left leg. It’s likely the orthopaedic surgeons will operate on him in the next 48 hours, to put a pin in the leg. If all goes well, he will probably be discharged from King's in a week. He's being given morphine for the pain at the moment. Victoria and Alan came straight over to King's when they heard the news.

When I left the hospital an hour ago, A&E staff said Eric would be going up to Twinings Ward. Victoria and Alan are with him at the moment, and I will return later on.

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