Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Victoria has spent the day here too, and among other things has unearthed useful documents from the archive. Doris has been here, a refugee from her flat where the landlords have been installing central heating - a bit late!

Yesterday I spoke to my sister Livy, who at the age of 83 is in a care home in Sydney. Frances and Johnny are trying to organise a move for her to Canberra, to make it easier for them to visit. She sounded quite cheerful, though I know she's not in very good health.

An interesting meeting yesterday with Shi'a friends discussing the history of Islam, and the current problems of Shi'a communities in countries where they are a minority, and particularly Saudi Arabia.

This afternoon I went for a walk, just to the children's playground. My leg is getting on fine, and the only problem is that my sleep pattern is disturbed, probably because I have to lie on my back.

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