Friday, April 30, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday, canvassing for our effective and personable candidate for Norwich South, Simon Wright, who lives in the constituency and is a successful campaigner already on local issues.

Today, an appointment with Mr M, haematology consultant at King's, who ordered yet more blood tests to see why my haemoglobin has declined from 13 to 9.7 over the last two years. He also said I should see Mr R, to assess whether my aortic aneurysm, which was 4.97 cm in January, was still increasing. Although surgery isn't normally recommended if its less than 5.5, it probably needs to be watched. Mr M also wanted another consultant, Mr C, to do an endoscopy on my Barrett's oesophagus. I certainly get my money's worth from the NHS.

The Bangladesh Local Govt minister and AL General Secretary Syed Ashraful Islam came to see me at 14.00, to tell me about the progress towards implementing the war crimes trials. He said that the 1973 Act had been amended, and he thought the criticisms made in the International Bar Association's report to the Parliamentary Human Rights Group had been met. We also talked about the land problems in the CHT, which are key to the fulfilment of the Peace Accords of 1997.

After that, the Eritrean Ambassador called, to discuss the preparations for celebrating Eritrea's independence day. He kindly invited me to the launch of the Eritrea-UK Friendship Association on May 24

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