Saturday, August 14, 2010

King's sent me a CD with the scans of my aorta. They use a proprietary viewer, Dacom, but there are free substitutes on the internet and the one I used was RadiAnt. There are 180 images in the set of horizontal sections of the abdomen and although there is a 'Browse' button it doesn't work. The only way of selecting a particular image appears to be to click on the Cine button and click on it again to halt the sequence at the one you want. Then you can use Ctrl PrintScreen to transfer the image into Paint or whatever, and load it into the blogger. There is a tool for measuring an object in RadiAnt, and the major axis of the ellipse is 58 mm.

I forgot I had an appointment with my GP, Dr Whitmey, late yesterday afternoon, and I needed to ask him to review the medication for my blood pressure, which is fluctuating, and higher than it should be. So I sent him a spreadsheet of my readings and asked if he could prescribe without a face to face consultation. Should be possible but I wouldn't be surprised if its against some rule.

After some differences of opinion about our holiday Lindsay and I have agreed on a week at a Quinta in Funchal. At least it should be restful because we're not hiring a car and will have to get around by bus. The hotel does have a 'courtesy bus' that goes into the centre of Funchal, but the last one is at 17.45 so if we eat out, we'll have to return by taxi. It seems that if you're over 65, the holiday companies tell you to look after your own insurance, and although neither of us has made a claim for years, I think all insurers charge through the nose for anyone over 65 driving abroad.

Had a good long talk with Maurice in Skype last night.

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