Thursday, March 17, 2011

OSISA and Orpington Circle

Over lunch, I had a very useful discussion with a delegation of visitors from the Open Society Initaive for Southern Africa: Itay Zimunya, OSISA's Programme Manager for Southern Africa;Takawira Musavengana, Human Rights and Democracy Building Manager at OSISA, based in Johannesburg; Richard Lee, Proramme Manager for communications and Campaigns at OSISA, and Russell Pickard, Acting International Advocacy Manager at OSISA

Yesterday we attended the fourth annual dinner of the Orpington Circle at the National Liberal Club. Speakers were the Chairnanm the Rev Paul Hunt: Chris Fox, Chief Executive of the Patty, Simon Hughes MP and me. The objective of the Orpington Circle is to raise money to help candidates at by-elections, in which it has been moderately successful and hopes to become even more so Harry Cowie, who was Director of Research in the 60's, was among the guests.

The Circle is planning a big event for next year, which will be the 50th anniversary of the by-election.

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