Saturday, September 17, 2011


Visit to Haematology Outpatients at King's, following a blood test. Platelet count was 588, a bit lower than 4 weeks ago, but still above the normal range of 133 to 332. White blood cell count is low and haemoglobin well below normal, but the consultant said it wasn't practical to treat multiple aberrations of blood chemistry simultaneously. I find that difficult to believe, but didn't have time to query it because Jamie was coming round at 13.00 to deal with our network problems (which he solved). The myeloproliferative disorder I have, which is described as essential thrombocytosis, may be symptomless but can lead to heart attack or stroke if untreated. The medication which has brought the platelet count from nearly 1,000 to its current value of 588 is to be continued 5 times a week instead of 7, and I'm to see a consultant again in another four weeks' time. Dr P is no longer taking the haematology clinic, and its not certain who will replace him.

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