Monday, October 17, 2011

Medical again

Consultation with Professor M at King’s College Hospital this morning, to discuss the prognosis of my MPD/MDS. On average the life expectancy from diagnosis of this condition is 3.5 to 5 years, but probably one year before it starts to interfere with normal life, with blood transfusions becoming necessary, and treatment of the side effects such as the build-up of iron that transfusions produce. This estimate is no doubt an average, and I didn't ask for the standard deviation.

The prognosis varies greatly between patients: some deteriorate gradually, while others remain on an even keel and then go downhill sharply. But the timing of the end result is much the same in both cases. Professor M said that none of the list of dysplastic syndromes in the WHO classification as described in Wikipedia fit my symptoms, but the practice nurse will send me precise details of the one that best fits my symptoms. Blood test:

WBC 4.50 [4.00 - 11.00 10^9/L]
Hb 9.9 [13.0 - 16.5 g/DL]
PLT 558 [150 -450 10^9/L]
Neutrophils 2.44 [2.2 - 6.3 10^9/L]
Creatinine 117 [45-120 umol/L]

Kidney slightly abnormal; Immunoglobulin normal; no blasts

The original indicator of MPD/MPS was the C-MPL mutation, which encodes the protein CD110 and thus plays a major role in platelet formation.

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