Monday, June 25, 2012


New consultant today, because Dr L is on leave. Platelets were 491 compared with the normal rage of 140-450; Haemoglobin 10.5 [13.5-16.5]; White Blood Cells 4.1 [4.0 - 11.0] and Neutrophils 1.78 [2.2-6.3 10^9/L}. Not ideal but all values were an improvement on January 30 readings. The verdict was 'keep on taking the tablets', ie Hydroxycarbamide 7 days a week. Professor M2 also gave me a prescription for Aciclovir tablets for the cold sore on my upper lip, something I've never had before in my life. It could be something to do with having an impaired immune system.

Its getting on for a year since I was first diagnosed and told I had an estimated 12 months left of useful existence. That may turn out to be pessimistic considering that I'm still more or less functional apart from the clogged arteries and distorted feet. This morning I forgot to take the mobile when I went for the blood test before the haematology appointment so I couldn't ring Lindsay and ask her to pick me up. I can still walk the distance from the hospital back home, maybe 250 metres, though at no great speed.

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