Monday, August 13, 2012


Blood values:

HB              10.5
WBC            3.5
Platelets     423

No value for neutrophils, but consultant said that with the other figures OK, it wasn't a matter of concern.

I pressed him on the expectation of useful life and he said 2-3 years from diagnosis, ie 1-2 years from now.

After that myelofibrosis develops into full-blown leukemia, requiring frequent transfusions and daily hospital visits. But susceptibility to infections increases, so it may not be leukemia itself that delivers the coup de grace. Sounds as though the quality of life would be a bit sub-standard, but until then I should be more or less functional if the atherosclerosis doesn't get any worse.

PM: xolendronic acid infusion, for osteoporosis. This was the third, at yearly intervals, since I had my leg fracture, so there will be now be a bone scan to see if the infusions have had any effect.

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