Sunday, December 23, 2012

This week


Chaired Bahrain seminar in Committee Room G. Good attendance by some regional TV, but no al-Jezira.

Supplementary question on Democratic Republic of Congo Third Reading of my Caravan Sites Bill passed. Andrew George MP has kindly agreed to take it forward in the Commons.

Annual meeting of Silbury Fund Trustees


Meeting with GE-Hitachi to discuss progress of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority's evaluation of the options for disposal of 100 tonnes of Plutonium at Sellafield

Crime and Courts Bill: amendments on immigration

Meeting of the APPG on Ahmadiyya Muslims


EU Subcommittee F: scrutiny, and looking ahead to forthcoming inquiry on opting back into 130 instruments which lapsed for the UK on account of the Dublin Treaty, a hot potato for the right wing of the Tory Party.

This was the last day of term.

Friday, lunch at the National Liberal Club with Ursula. She set me the task of figuring out the two cartoons, both of which I managed, though I generally don't see the point of English ones.

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