Friday, April 18, 2014

Angiogram commemtary

The grafts by Mr Desai from December 1995 were all in 'pristine condition, but one of them was connected to the remains of the heart artery by a length of the original artery that was all furred up and therefore not supplying blood to the heart. This was the probable cause of the angina, and it isn't susceptible to surgery. Stronger anti angina medication, Ranosaline, is added to the arsenal I'm already taking.

The procedure took two hours, partly because the faulty connection wasn't accessible via the groin, and the surgeon had to start again via the wrist.

Afterwards I was exhausted and slept the whole afternoon and evening apart from a break for dinner and a short bit of reading at bedtime when I finished Max Hastings' Catastrophe about the events leading up to the Great War and the fighting up to the end of 1914. He puts the blame for the war squarely on the Kaiser and Germany's top generals, and he sees no point at which other players could have acted to avoid it.

I put the light out at 22.00 and slept solidly through to 08.00 this morning, and very unusually for me.slept this afternoon from 15.00 to 16.00, when I wass woken up by the front doorbell.

We still have no internet connection via the router after nine days off the air, and as its Bank Holiday weekend nothing can happen until Tuesday. The current thinking of the Parliamentary IT hep desk is that the cable modem is only seeing one IP address, which explains why there is a connection to one computer with the router disconnected. If this is correct, a replacement cable modem should cure the problem, and one has been despatched by Virgin to arrive on Tuesday. In the meanwhile any urgent printing has to be done by saving to a USB memory stick and taking it to another machine which is connected to its own printer. Similarly any files needing to be scanned have to be saved to a USB memory stick and taken to the only ,achine that haqs internet connection when it needs to be emailed. The only consolation is that there isn't a huge amount of traffic over the Bank Holiday weekend,

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