Sunday, September 07, 2014

Virus crisis

Maurice and Diana's last day. Yesterday we went to Ham House in the morning, had lunch at the London Apprentice in Isleworth, then Strawberry Hill in the afernoon. Returned home to find my computer infected with a virus that was immune to AVG and apparently to all other anti-virus software. Maurice and I struggled to find a solution on the web, and the only site that claimed to have a solution we found was As it was after 23.00 by that time we left the computer in safe mode overnight and returned to the problem this morning. The infected machine wouldn't connect to the web, so we opened a chat line with MiTechMate on the other computer in my office and apart from a difficulty in getting the site to accept my card payment, all was plain sailing. The contact at MiTechMate took control of the infected machine and removed all the infected files, at a cost of $65. I'm wondering whether to get a year's subscription at $130, or to take a chance that lightning won't strike twice.

Its disconcerting to find that there is some malware that gets past leading anti-virus packages such as AVG and AVAST.

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