Friday, January 30, 2015

Assisted Dying

Yesterday evening, Lindsay and I went the the book launch of I'll See Myself Out, Thank You, an anthology of short pieces about assisted dying by a range of candidates, carers, relatives and professionals in favour of changes in the law, some wanting to go further than the current Assisted Dying Bill. There was also a showing of the video Glenn's Last Tape, (  about the last months of Glenn Scott, who died by his own hand of Motor Neurone Disease after a year of progressive deterioration.the inevitable course of the disease. He had the resources, the intelligence and the determination to plan and organise his death in his beloved Rome, but he recognised that most people 'don't know where to turn', faced with the approach of the gradual loss of all physical ability. That's why there is a desperate need for a lawful way of terminally ill people giving up life with medical help. Nobody with an ounce of compassion would be able to see Glenn's agonising last months without enormous sympathy, and a strong desire to see that Parliament makes it possible for others with MND or similar terminal illnesses to see themselves out.

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