Friday, May 29, 2015


Note from Consultant Vascular Surgeon to GP of April 19

"He continues to do very well from his EVAR point of view [
EndoVascular Aneurysm Repair, the replacement of the aorta with a plastic substitute, done in 2010]. His repeat duplex scan showed that there is no endoleak with biphasic flow through the stents and the sac measures only 3.3 cm exactly the same as has been done six months ago. His main concern is from the leg point of view he feels that his claudication distance was chronic. It is becoming much symptomatic now. It is at short distance bilaterally affecting the calves".

"It comes at around 30 to 50 yards when he has either to stop or go at a very slow pace. I can see that he had only a scan in 2011 that picked up a left SFA 2 cm occlusion [ie a blocked femoral artery] He had no scans on he right leg. I am arranging for him to have a repeat bilateral arterial duplex scan in a few weeks time and I have booked him to have a repeat EVAR scan in six months' time".

The leg scans are now booked for next Wednesday, June 3,

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