Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Update on Lindsay's and my operations

Lindsay goes into King's tomorrow at 06.00 to have a kidney removed by keyhole surgery, and Victoria comes to stay for the next four days to mind the shop and make sure I don't fall getting into or out of the bath. The hospital reckons she will be in until the following Monday, but she will have to kahe it easy for a couple of weeks after being discharged

Unfortunately L had to spend much of the day wheeling me to a series of appointments in King's starting with a scan of both legs at 11.15. An ultrasound scan of the bad leg later, to see exactssly how far down the occlusion extends, and ending with a consultation with Professor R at 15.15. Much to our surprise, he said they were going to attempt an angioplasty as Plan A, and if that doesn't work they would do the full replacement of the occluded section with a graft from the vein in the same leg immediately. Its good that the surgeon thinks there is a good chance of success with the angioplasty, though it might have been a better bet four years ago when the occlusion was first scanned.

The bad news is that the operating list is full up for the next two weeks unless a patient cancels, and its no fun having to live with a painful leg for the next two weeks minimum. I take Tramadol and Panacetamol but they don't seem to work too well at night and I never get a good night's sleep.

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