Monday, August 03, 2015


Visit to the GP this morning revealed a lung infection, for which she ordered a chest X-ray. As we were due at King's for a visit to the pain clinic at 13.30 it was convenient to walk into the X-ray unit and cardiology afterwards. The day's work added to the arsenal of pills I'm already taking.

Copy letter from Dr R to GP June 24, only just received:

I saw Eric today in the Vascular clinic...    He is definitely having critical ischaemia of his left foot with rest pain and ulceration on the lateral malleolus. His scans were diacussed today in the MDM and it was agreed to attempt anangioplasty of his SFA. If this fails then I hink we should proceed with a bypass on the same admission. I have explained that plan to Eric and his wife.

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