Monday, October 19, 2015

Tory Government axes green schemes

In their latest move away from green policies, the Government have cut solar subsidies by 87% see  Four solar panel firms have withdrawn from the market, and job losses may reach 27,000. This comes on top of restrictions on energy efficiency, onshore wind etc.

I declare an interest, having installed solar panels on the roof of our house at the end of August. We just got in ahead of the cuts, and up to now have generated 231 kwh, saving 91 kg CO2 emissions. It may not be much, but the industry was getting to the point where tens of thousands of houses could have been making that sort of contribution. The Tories are accusing Ed Davey, the Coalition LibDem Minister, for allowing the subsidies to soar. In fact he laid the ground for the UK to build a massive renewables industry and beat the 2030 target for reduction of CO2 emissions, potential achievements the Tories have now sabotaged.

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