Saturday, September 23, 2006

Eventful day

Cynthia and Richard Cashore, our friends from Williamsburg, left us this morning after a whirlwind visit of two days, en route to Florence. Then Lindsay set off for Nottingham with a carload of JW's stuff, and his bicycle strapped on the back with a special harness. Half way up on the M1, harness and bicycle fell off. She stopped and rang the police, who said later that both had disappeared without trace. Then she ran into a monster traffic jam. And when she finally reached Nottingham she took ages to find JW's new house. So a journey that should have taken two and a half hours lasted seven hours, and she didn't set off on the return journey until 22.00!

Had a good talk with Maurice on Skype this evening, and also this afternoon with Victoria, who is getting into practice so that she can use Skype from Laos, Cambodia etc during the winter.

There are two more bouts of ping-pong to record, 1-1 and then 2-1 to me on Wednesday, so the final tally before he went back to Nottingham was 50-49 to JW.

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