Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Having been away for the best part of two weeks, I'm trying to catch up on paperwork.

Wrote to an offical at the Department of Health about further inquiries they had promised to make about the effect of the Data Protection Act on access to personal information by chaplains looking after prisoners who are transferred to special hospitals.

Wrote to the Cyprus High Commissioner about a case in the High Court between a Brit who bought some property in the Turkish-occupied part of northern Cyprus, and the former owner of the property, who was forced to leave when the Turks invaded in 1975.

Wrote to Patricia Scotland at the Home Office about the Prison Service's failure to establish effective arrangements for security vetting of prison chaplains. They keep losing the forms containing confidential information, and sometimes manage to spin the process out for over a year. Its a wonder they get anyone to volunteer.

Telephoned Monterrico Matals in Lima, Peru, to ask whether they were ready to accept a visit by a representatives of the Peru Support Group, of which I'm President. The three executives I asked to speak to were all in meetings, and none of them have returned my call.

Had time for ping-pong, 2-1 to JW, and yesterday it was 1-1. Cumulative score since my operation 48-46 to JW. He goes back to Nottingham to start his final year on Thursday, so we have probably come to an end of the competition until next spring.

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