Monday, August 18, 2008

High Elms

This was the annual picnic for the descendants of my grandfather, who are fairly numerous. He had 12 children, of whom Uncle Johnny was a bachelor, Uncles Harold and Eric were killed in 1917, and Harold's son John died in 1971. The picnic is held on the lawn which now extends over the site of the house, which was burned down in 1968.

Above the lawns is the site of the Kingsgate Clock, which was stolen at some point after the fire, but the inscription is still there:

30 April 1913

A Birthday Gift to greet him when he came
Home from the weary town Fourscore save one
Ke heard and smiled his thanks but Ah the Flame
Of Life burned low. Soon were we left alone
Yet Love survives all whilst this Clock doth chime
It tells of love outlasting measured time

Lyulph arranged a splendid exhibition of photographs in the Visitor Centre, which is well-attended. The High Elms estate is now a public amenity run by the London Borough of Bromley, who look after it well.

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