Monday, August 04, 2008

Last Post

As I'm off to Bangladesh tomorrow, and am away for 10 days, this is the last post for some time.

Last Thursday I met retired Major-General Amsa Amin; then had my cousin Anthony Pitt-Rivers to lunch to look at the portraits of the elder Pitt's father and his wife Harriet Villiers in Committee Room 3; then a useful meeting with Nadeem Kazmi, international director of the al-Khoei Foundation and an old friend.

Friday I was invited to the Brick Lane Mosque after Friday prayers, and had a very friendly meeting with the Mosque Committee.

Phil Krone arrived for the weekend, and on Saturday we went to Knole, for the first time in over 20 years.

This morning I did an interview for the release in October of the All-Party Group's forthcoming report on combatting pneumococcal disease, and later the wonderful Jacqueline Taber arrived with the restored portraits of the Rev William Lubbock, Rector of Lammas, and his wife Elizabeth Cooper, beautifully restored.

Ping pong: two more games to record since the last entry, 2-0 to me and 1-1. Cumulative score 86-83 to me.

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