Monday, September 29, 2008

End of 79 years

Ping pong with JW today 1-1, cumulative score since I had my lung tumour removed in April 2006 96-91 in my favour. Most of today he's been slaving away on his MA dissertation, and our guest Elalia has been doing last minute work on hers too. They have to be handed in by 16.00 tomorrow, printed and bound, then its fingers crossed for the next two months.

We had one of Lindsay's special dinners this evening to celebrate the milestone for all of us.

As soon as he can get a flight JW is off to Denver to volunteer for the Democrats in the run-up to the Presidential election.

Our life is nothing but a winter's day.
Some only break their fast and so away
Others stay longer and depart full fed
He's most in debt that lingers out the day
Who hastes betimes has less and less to pay

If anybody can tell me where that quote comes from I'll be surprised.

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