Monday, September 29, 2008

Last week

Monday Sep 22, chaired the AGM of the London Bach Society, of which I'm President

Tuesday, spoke at a lunchtime seminar of the FCO's Ministerial Correspondence Unit, in one of the magnificent rooms at Charles II Street

Wednesday, visit from Kabita Chakma, who I last met in Bangkok 13 years ago, with Sophie Grig from Survival, and Lal Amlai, see photograph below. Discussion on the current state of affairs in the CHT, and Kabita's particular interest, the people who were displaced from their homes by the Kaptai Lake. Kabita says thatt Bob McMullan, the Australian Minister for Development, is interested in the CHT.

Thursday, addressed an FCO seminar on the work of the House of Lords, this time in the IPU rooms in the Palace of Westminster. Just as I reached the end of my speech the fire alarms went off and we were all hustled out of the building, allowing no time for discussion.

Today is my 80th birthday, and I'm trying to pretend that I'm not really that age.

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