Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Eric's aeroplane.

We thought all the arrangements were in place for the stone model of a Sopwith Camel, the memorial to my uncle Eric, to be transported from the stonemason's yard in Wiltshire to the visitor centre at High Elms Country Park yesterday, but there was a misunderstanding about the timing. The lorry arrived, to find nobody there to offload it, and Penmar Transport rang me to say they were returning to Wiltshire with the memorial. After a series of frantic calls they agreed to take it to a Council yard where it was being stored temporarily. Lyulph thought they weren't arriving until 13.00 at the earliest, and unfortunately the arrangements he had made on the telephone with the carriers hadn't been confirmed in writing. Anyway, we hope the move is completed today, because the World Heritage Committee is visiting High Elms tomorrow¬

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