Saturday, September 19, 2009

Uncle Eric

Yesterday Lindsay and I went down to Avebury, where we stayed at The Lodge - owned by my grandfather when he saved the stone circle from destruction - and attended the auction today at Great Bedwyn where the monument to Uncle Eric was sold (see earlier posting for a photograph). We have acquired it, and now have to make arrangements for it to be transported to The Beeche Centre at High Elms, its final resting place I hope. Some time in the eighties the monuments in the family graveyard were moved into the graveyard at St Giles Church, Farnborough, but the stone model of a Sopwith Camel, the memorial to Uncle Eric, turned up at a stonemason's yard in Wiltshire. The proprietor, Mr John Lloyd Sr, said he acquired it from the London Borough of Bromley, which had no record of the transaction, but they have now discovered that when my grandmother sold the estate to their predecessors in 1938, she kept the family graveyard and a right of way to it.

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