Friday, July 02, 2010

June 1 scan etc

Below is one of the many images from the June 1 scan. But I realize, looking at the sequences, that I don't even have the basic knowledge to identify the aorta, let alone to select the particular image that shows the widest part of the bulge...

Also received today a copy of the report by Mr N in the Haematology Department following hi recent review:

I reviewed Mr Avebury in the clinic today. He had no complaints regarding his haematological condition, which was stage I MALT lymphoma, treated about 4 years ago, and he has been in remission since.

He was reviewed recently by Dr CF, Consultant Gastroenterologist, who will be following him up for anaemia. He has also been followed up by Mr R, Vascular Surgeon, for his gradually increasing in diameter of aorta.

His most recent results included faecal occult blood, 2 samples which were negative; full blood count with haemoglobin 10.6, white cell count 7.04, platelets 587 and neutrophils 4.46, ESR 16. normal CRP, vitamin B12 527, folate 20.5 and ferritin 191, coeliac screen which was all withinnormal limits. His last faecal occult blood was also negative. His electrolytes, renal function and liver function tests were all within normal limits.

As we are following him up for his haematological condition and as there are no signs of recurrence, he will be seen in this clinic in 6 months time, but we will be happy to see him earlier if the need arises.

The haemoglobin reading has risen since the last reading, so maybe I'm no longer anaemic.

I now have an appointment next Wednesday for the Cardiac Trans Thoracic Echo on Wednesday next at 13.15.

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