Saturday, July 03, 2010

Somaliland triumph

Warmest congratulations to Opposition leader Ahmad Muhammad Mahmoud "Silanyo", leader of the Peace, Unity and Development Party (Kulmiye), who has been elected president in the Somalilland Presidential elections. The National Electoral Commission invited all the political leaders, election observers, officials, media representatives, Guurti, Sultans, elders etc to the announcement of the results, which were as follows:

Kulmiye 2,66906 - 49.59%

Udub 17,8881 - 33.23%

Ucid 92,459 - 17.18%

This is a great achievement for the people of Somaliland, and an example to the region, including particularly to the people of neighbouring Somalia. How can the UK, the European Union, and of course the African Union, best demonstrate their friendship for Somalilanders and their admiration for the free, peaceful and democratic elections they have staged? Many people would like to see Somaliland's independence re-recognised, and if the newly elected President raises the matter, lets hope the AU will give him a sympathetic hearing.

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