Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Email to a colleague, from a friend in Peru:

Maybe our mutual acquaintance Lord Eric Avebury may already be aware of it, but in any case it will be interesting for him to hear that in the final debate between the two candidates to be elceted this coming Sunday as Mayor of Lima (representing around six million voters) the Conservative candidate, Lourdes Flores (clerical right) accussed the greenish pink candidate Susana Villaran of having attended in London in 2003 a Conference of the Peru Support Group (defined by her before an audience of millions as a propaganda group for Sendero Luminoso).

So once again Eric's friends are being pillored for doing good in Peru!

Maybe he will care to issue some form of statement deniying that old rotten canard. I will hate to live in a city run by an homofobic, racist macarthyist woman who makes no secret to have modelled herself on old Maggie Thatcher.

My open letter, issued before I had this encouragement:

Dear Sirs,
The Peru Support Group rejects in the strongest possible terms the suggestion that it has at any time had a connection with any terrorist group.
In response to Lima Mayoral Candidate Lourdes Flores Nano’s comments in a debate on 27 September 2010 we would also like to clarify what the Peru Support Group does and our connections with Susana Villarán:
• The Peru Support Group (PSG) was established in 1983 as an independent membership organisation without any party or political affiliation. It aims to support the people of Peru, particularly those from the poorest sectors.
• Members of the PSG include academics, politicians, students and members of the general British public.
• The PSG seeks to raise awareness on human rights and development issues amongst the British public and British and European decision-makers. We do this by publishing newsletters, ebulletins and short reports; organising conferences and meetings; meeting with British politicians and diplomats to ensure that human rights specifically and other key development issues remain on the agenda with Peru.
• Information on our activities is available on-line for people to read: www.perusupportgroup.org.uk
• The PSG is a civil society group with no past or present connection to the Shining Path. This is an accusation that the PSG has dealt with and successfully refuted in the past.
• The PSG invited Susana Villarán to participate in our Annual Conference in December 2006 where she spoke about democracy and civil rights. We felt that she was well qualified to do so given her background as a Minister of Women's Promotion and Social Development during former president Valentín Paniagua’s interim government in 2000-2001 and as a member of the Organisation of American States’ Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (2002-2005).
Sra. Villarán was in London from 1 December to 6 December 2006.

Lord Avebury
President of the Peru Support Group
Unit F5, 89-93 Fonthill Road
London N4 3JH
Tel: 020 7263 1016

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