Saturday, October 02, 2010

Bahrain detainees

I received news today that fifteen out of more than two hundred and fifty detainees were allowed visits from their families. Prior to the visits, secret service officers sat with the families and directed them on visitation rules. They were forbidden to ask about torture, charges, proceedings or anything relevant to the cases of the detainees. They were not to speak about what was happening on the outside, or give the detainees any news. The families were also directed not to look at any parts of the detainees’ bodies under their clothing. During each visit, there were four to ten secret service officers sitting next to the detainee.

Two families were ordered out after only five minutes. Al-Mukhodher’s family was told to leave because Almukhodher asked them if a trial date had been set, and Al-Muqdad’s family was ordered out after they told him that his brother sent him his regards. The longest visit lasted 25 minutes.

In the other visits, according to the families, the only things the detainees said was that they were fine, they were being treated well, and that they had no complaints. Al-Singace, who is disabled had wounds on his face, and appeared to have lost 15-20 kilos. He and Mohammed Saeed both had hearing problems.

There are reasons to believe that the travel ban has been lifted. This will be tested on Monday October 4, when Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja will try to leave for work.

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