Friday, October 29, 2010

Letter from Mr R (vascular surgeon) of October 20 to my GP

I saw this gentleman today in my clinic. I am pleased to say that he is doing well, compared to the last time we met. Since you have started his diuretics his shortness of breath, leg oedema and walking have all improved.
He did have an echocardiogram recently. However, 1 could not find the results of this on the system today, but he is due to see P M , Consultant Cardiologist, in November.
Lord Avebury's main concern today was his blood pressure, which is quite erratic, shooting up to 180/100 systolic*. I have asked him to discuss his blood pressure with Dr M when they meet, to see if there is anything else that needs to be adjusted in his medication to improve this pressure.
A duplex scan done recently showed that the aneurysm is about 5.2 cm in diameter, without any evidence of endoleak.
My plan is to see him again in six months' time with a repeat duplex scan and I will keep you informed of his progress.

*Actually the peak BP reading over the last few days was 202/78 on October 27, and the next highest was 190/66 on October 22. The British Heart Foundation says the target is to have a BP lower that 140/85, and most of the time my systolic is above, diastolic below this level. But otherwise, all is well.

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