Saturday, August 06, 2011


PLEASE, watch this heartrending account of events in Bahrain. Whatever happened to the "duty to protect", and how can the international community ignore the horrendous crimes perpetrated by the al-Khalifa hereditary dictatorship against the people including mass arbitrary arrest, torture, extrajudicial execution, demographic engineering, violent suppression of peaceful demonstrations, harsh punishment of criticism, and mass sackings from public sector employment? The Foreign Secretary, the Rt Hon William Hague MP says the Government

"share your concern about the situation and the continued and credible reports of human rights abuses. The arrests of opposition figures, the reports of deaths in custody, allegations of torture an the denial of medical treatment and censorship of the media are indeed extremely troubling".

But he thinks that the Crown Prince understands the need for Bahrain to return to the path of democratic reform.

There never was the slightest vestige of democratic reform; there was a bogus electoral process leading to a slanted parliament with no powers, and no control over the executive, which is appointed by the King. A majority of the ministers are members of the royal family, including the prime minister, the king's uncle, who has held that office for over 40 years.

Its time our Government spoke out clearly, demanding an end to the Saudi occupation; cancellation of the sentences passed on members of the opposition after show trials; expulsion of foreign mercenaries in the security forces and police; arrest and trial of the criminals who murdered detainees and demonstrators, and those who extorted false confessions by means of torture; reform of the constitution leading to fair elections of a democratic parliament with power to appoint the executive; restoration of their employment to people wrongfully dismissed, and freedom of expression.

We are taking steps to remove Gaddafi as ruler of Libya for the crimes he committed against his own people. Are not the crimes of the al-Khalifas worse than Gaddafi's? See what your answer is to that question after you have watched that video.

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