Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Letter of August 19 from Dr P, consultant haematologist, to the GP:

FBC: Hb 9.5 g/dl, WBC 4.41 x 10A9/L, platelets 614 x 1(T9/L

I reviewed Lord Avebury in the clinic today. I am happy to say that he is well in himself just having returned from holiday. His platelet count is gently coming down on hydroxyurea and I have asked him to maintain this at 500 mg od and we will see him in four weeks' time.

So the myeloproliferative disorder seems to be under control. Platelet count not far above the normal range, though Haemoglobin well below the normal range of 13.2-16.2 g/dL. For the time being, I'll survive!

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