Monday, April 02, 2012


Blood test at 08.30 this morning, followed by a consultation with Dr L, nominally at 10.30 but actually 40 minutes later as usual. The King's appointment system is in need of a review.

Platelets were 564 compared with the previous reading of 532, and I am to take Hydroxycarbamide Monday-Saturday instead of Monday-Friday. Neutrophils were 1.53 compared with 1.73 last time, but over a year they have fluctuated a bit. Dr L isn't too bothered about them. WBC, PLT, Hb and Neutrophils over time see graphs above. You can see them more clearly if you double click on the item.

DEr L hadn't received Dr Claire Harrison's letter of March 20, so I have scanned and emailed it to him. For reasons of data protection, I believe, the NHS don't use email, causing them and their patients unnecessary delay and expense.

I am to have another blood test in two weeks time to check that the platelets are descending with the higher dose of Hydroxycarbamide, and a further appointment with Dr L at 10.10 on May 14.

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