Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cataract operation

Just got home at 15.30 from St Thomas's where I had a cataract operation on my left eye, having had the right eye done a few weeks ago. It took about 30 minutes, a bit longer than the previous one because the surgeon was instructing someone. The eye feels a bit sore as is natural,  and so far the sight from it is blurred, though  I dare say that will improve over the nest few days. No other engagements for the rest of today.

Wednesday evening

This morning when I woke up the eye was inflamed and painful. We rang the hospital and went there for it to be examined. Saw the duty eye doctor after a couple of hours' wait, by which time the paracetamol I had taken earlier had kicked in and I was feeling much better. The doctor said the inflammation wasn't abnormal - though I didn't experience it when the cataract in the right eye was operated on a few weeks ago. Vision of the left eye is still slightly blurred, but that's caused b the macular degeneration, not the operation. Probably I will be able to see reasonably well for the remaining 14 months or so of my life.

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