Friday, April 24, 2015

Institute of Fiscal Studies analyses Party manifestos

Yesterday the IFS confirmed that the Liberal Democrats are the most transparent party in our manifesto. Tories give a “misleading impression” of cuts. Labour give “disappointingly little” information on borrowing and do not provide enough funding for the NHS.

The IFS found:
●       Lib Dems most transparent of all the parties
●       Lib Dems only party that will end austerity in 2017/18
●       Lib Dems will deliver £8bn for NHS and invest in public services

·         Conservatives will embark on £30bn of cuts to public services that are “not mentioned” in their manifesto
·         Conservatives manifesto gives “a misleading impression” of the scale of the cuts to public services
·         Conservatives “have not provided anything like complete details” of how they would eliminate the deficit

·         Labour will only increase spending on the NHS by £4.2bn - which the IFS describe as “a very tight settlement”
·         Labour “not spelling out” how much they would cut unprotected departments by
·         Labour have provided “disappointingly little” information on what they would borrow

·         SNP debt scenario similar to Labour’s
·         IFS said today that austerity would continue for longer under the SNP
·         SNP will spend more on debt interest and less on public services than the Liberal Democrats

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