Tuesday, July 28, 2015

More on Bahrain's attempts to silence opposition

Sayed Jameel Kadhim, president of Al Wefaq's consultative board, has been released after fully serving a 6 month sentence for expressing political opinions. Sheikh Hussain Aldaihi, Al Wefaq's Deputy Secretary General, says the Bahraini regime must stop targeting dissidents and begin a reconciliation with its people, but this can only happen if there is far stronger pressure by the international community for human and political rights.  Al Wefaq was the only opposition political party that had a very confined space in which to operate, but since late 2014 their leaders have been targeted in a wave of spurious criminal charges.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International has released a statement on the occasion of the opening of the trial of 57 persons, mostly detainees in Jaw prison [http://bit.ly/1JNUtjP] calling on the Bahraini authorities to make public their investigations into allegations of torture and other ill-treatment of inmates in the prison at the ime of the March 10 disorders and in the following weeks.  

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