Friday, June 11, 2010


This morning, a discussion with Dr N in haematology at King's. He said that apart from the low haemoglobin, the platelet count is raised, and the two together indicate a leakage of blood from the circulation system. The results hadn't come through from the samples left yesterday but the CT scan of the aorta showed that the aneurism had increased from 5.0 in January to 5.8 on June 1. At this rate of increase it would reach the level of 6.0 when surgery would be considered for patients over 80, but it would be for Mr R to advise when I see him on July 15.

Then, a very agreeable lunch at the Garrick with Geoffrey and Anne Blainey, and a look at the various Kemble portraits, particularly the Lawrence one of John Philip Kemble, whose life by Boaden I'm reading at the moment. In the late afternoon, a visit from my old friend Ishfaq Ahmed, director of the Kashmir International Relief Fund, and Dr Aabid Haider, who is helping the KIRF in a voluntary capacity. We talked about the project for growing fruit trees on hilly ground in Azad Kashmir, and exporting the produce, dried or natural. They are putting together a short note on what is needed, and I will see what I can do to help with supporters and funding.

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