Thursday, June 17, 2010


Spoke to Mr S about the procedures to be carried out at King's. The first, to put a stent in the artery feeding the right kidney, is dependent on the timetable of the radiologists, who continuously monitor the procedure from the initial penetration of the catheter in the artery in the groin, so they will notify me of the date when it can be put into their timetable. The second, to deal with the aortic aneurysm, is a 3-6 hour operation followed by a probable 8 days in hospital, and an unspecified period of convalescence. This will be scheduled for soon after the renal artery procedure, and will be on a Monday, but not July 12 when Mr R the surgeon is away. So we're looking at July 19 as a likely option.

I'm not taking on new engagements from the end of June to be on the safe side, and to give me some chance of clearing the decks beforehand, though my previous experience of major surgery is that there are always too many loose ends when the date comes round.

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